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19 August 2010 @ 11:13 pm
When you saw my weakness you singled me out
And smiled at that pain; you know it keeps me awake
I guess its not so bad...
You learn to rest when you become the dead

As the poison seeps, I'm killing sleep
Running deep, becoming a part of me
Go ahead, take back what you give
Your love is sick, a forgotten missive

In the fallout from your third degree
I cry alone because you will never see
Stitches in my soul from discarded dreams
If you need to, sadly enough, you will find me

Your soaring descent upon me has come
Precision cutting with your ravenous arms
And the mirrored arrow they shot me with
Remains shattered within the marrow of my chest

I am dying, but I will not die
You stand and watch as I bleed alive
The glass of my heart shreds as it breaks
Saturating my body, I cry as it aches

I know you will never hurt for me they way I hurt for you
I will never ask because its not what you do
You just tear me apart...
Tear me apart from you
03 August 2010 @ 10:26 am
I thought you left, but you still creep into my dreams
Why do you show me these things I should not see
What do I do when I can not reach you
Your call upon me always bleeds through

Fixated on the depth of your stare
The sound of your voice fills the distant air
Your travels are swift; you caught me unaware
Yet I seized your attention before you left without a care

Only dreams can bring me close to you
But morning's light reveals a harder truth
So cruel that you and I share the same moon
Sometimes I swear, I wish I never knew

Alive in your slipstream, its not what I believe in
But wide awake and dying, its how I'm use to living
I've never felt alone until there was you
Now I've made an enemy of my own solitude

Lately your strength condemns me in light
Somewhere in between I lost the will to fight
I've left myself open, taken but not stolen
Standing in the sun, I'm forever frozen

I feel the wind spiral across my skin
As your black wings reach out once again
Wrapping your silver string around my heart
Leading me along forever in the dark
15 July 2010 @ 05:15 am

Spiders walking cold on the heart tonight - sirens ring out across the midnight sky - she’s riding high on your shadows of doubt - singing songs to the saddest of souls - she carries the world in here arms - anything you want - if you take her hand - the tears of the lonely will understand - if you give into your weakest desires - your wish is her command -

Loneliness towers the heart tonight - sound barriers break the moonlit sky - his chariot awaits your flight -Devil on the left - Angel on the right - who will you ride with tonight? - he promises your soul safe to keep - if only in silence you will weep - "reveal yourself unto me and trust in no one," he will say - dreamer of the dream you must giveth away - don’t be afraid -

How many more will there be? - these tempters of the soul continue to reign free - they come in bells ringing - the servants of the forsaken - wait for you here - so rise the white noise - cure the heart of the void - you are only one of many more - they remain to destroy -

30 June 2010 @ 12:13 am
The cold arises terror within my soul
The cold is seeping into stuctures of my bones
A demon awakening, rebuilding it's strenth
A freeze up my spine, you'll see in my face

Tearing down the walls inside of my head
Angry claws digging from a buried bed
As demons of death are screaming from within
Dueling over the lost souls of the innocent

Turning over and over inside my chest
A strobe of cracking agony at its best
Bellowing from the depths of his hellish purgatory
I can feel beelzebub enduring his eternal destiny
26 June 2010 @ 01:40 am

(Dialogue from the actual story transposed into song/duet format)

*Eros   *Psyche

My Invisible one, who are you
My voice echoes the question into the soft, dark night
Who are you; who is it that I love

You once knew you loved me; then you doubted that
You doubted who I was
You looked at me; you saw that I am both of us

If I look closely, will I find my love for you is gone
Will I find you are but a shadow
Of what I thought I had known

Now you have seen me for who I am
How could you understand
You became Love's slave
She's a harder master; you must separate

Holding the veiled light, I hesitate
Listening to my heart, it says to wait
What have I to gain with so much to lose
By questioning you, my love, still I must choose
Who are you; who is it that I love

You must discover what you want
Name each secret, fear, and desire
Journey down to the depths of your heart
Find there the secret, love is who you are

Captive to love, what am I to do
Am I bound to worship you forever
Forsaken as I do

Journey where you need to go
Find what it is you need to know
Then return to me, my love
And tell me, my sweet lady
Who it is you love

06 June 2010 @ 09:22 am
I often think of you and wonder where you may be
Are you happy, are you smiling, do you ever think of me
These thoughts fill up my mind and weigh down my heart
Can I break the space between us, too long we've been apart

I've kept holding on; I thought you never knew
For a heart that beats so strong, my love is ever so true
When I said I loved you, its not because I knew
You would never go...  I just wish you never had to...

I can love the way that only your heart can dream of
You must be waiting on a heart that only a storybook romance dreams up
Instead of somewhere out there chasing someone else's dream
You should be here; I'll show you the world and what I mean

I'll wait for you forever because thats what love can do
I'll be holding on forever; I'll do it all for you
When I said that I loved you, its not because I knew
You would never go...  I just wish you never had to...

So when that road you're taking seems endless and dark
Turn around; come back into these arms
When I said those things, I didn't mean to break your heart
I took you for granted; I should have never let you start
I'm saying that I love you because I always knew
I was a fool to let you go...  I just wish I never had to...

When you gaze upon the moon, do you feel me in your heart
I'm wishing you were here, but I can't wish upon another star
If wishes are forever, I know you'll come back to me
Instead of somewhere out there, chasing another dream

You say you're moving on, but I'm stumbling
I can't help but sit here and keep wondering
If you're alone out there; waiting for someone else to show you she cares
I have always wondered...  I just wish you never had to...
22 May 2009 @ 10:26 pm
Intoxicated love left me silent again
This feeling...I've tried to forget
You remind me of my regrets
The fool I am lies beyond the heart

The tears we cry... bleeding the rose
Beauty deformed, turns this heart into stone
My redemption you could never own
Everything remains unchanged...forever alone

Love's not there to set us free
Craving deliverance obscured by disbelief
This guilt will follow us to death
Set fire to the soul's last breath
Wounds so deep our prayers won't heal
The resolution of fear...we hold so dear

No one can save us now
Shadows of the past cry out
I'm the wolf howling in the night
The pain you left me with, it's all I've got
Right so wrong...wrong so right
Let it fade in the new dawning light
22 May 2009 @ 09:58 pm
We fathom the dark as the depth of life
Thru its mystery and magic we see the light
They say that love can heal all wounds
But love is the darkness our hearts consume

With your devil in disguise and your heart on your sleeve
Your love is so thick; I can barely breathe
Fallen down with a disease, is it darkness or is it love that deceives
Shadows and roses is all I see; fearing your heart is breaking my wings

Do you fear the dark is the depth of your life
Afraid of mystery and magic, sheltered by light
They say that only love can kill the demon
But love is the demon you keep on feeding

Will you die for what you believe
I feel your weakness is stronger than you think...
01 May 2009 @ 01:22 am
Her shadow follows me - Manifests in my soul - She's been with me my entire life - I'm so captivated - I just can't set her free - If I lost her - I would lose my sense of me - So intense is the fire of my heart - And though I may be haunted - I am ever enchanted - I love to hate her - So extreme - She brings about my beauty with such tragedy - I try to call her out to destroy her every being - She is very strong - For it is her blood I bleed - I feel seperated from the rest of the world - For safe keeping inside - "I'm not like all the others" she says -

I wait -  I pray - For the one who accepts me and embraces this ghost of mine - The innocense and truth most criticize - I cannot bare her to just anyone - She is my gateway to all of which is divine - Frustrated because she alienates me - But reminds me constantly what it means to be alive - As painful as it may be for me to describe -  In all my happiness she makes me cry as if I was dying - No one understands this duality in me -

In all my anger she gives me happiness in relief - She gives me peace in my darkest hours - She stikes me down when I think I couldn't go lower - She conjures up the thunder in my heart - Lost in a moment - She fades away as quickly as she came - If tears could carve a river -  She made me a pioneer - If my smiles seem displaced - She holds me prisioner - In the raging tempests of my life  - Because of her I find peace in the twilight - When lost in the scent of budding daffodils - It is she that holds me still -
25 February 2009 @ 10:58 am

Apple-eyed and crimson cursed
Our dreams long with desired thirst
This sword of light cuts in deep midnight
I await your hand to lift these eyes

Mercury holds in the basin of my heart
Leaking your words, your venomous thoughts
Whispered songs long forgotten
Locked in time, kept regarded

Reflections embedded upon my soul
Reel to reel our dreams they go
Somewhere between illusion and belief
Our love is felt but never convened

Our kindred souls burn ever so bright
Where we were captivated in another life
Midsummer’s cast opaque as it is true
That’s where my essence resides in you

Mists of the morning fall over you
Petals of the flower drip the sweet dew
Where we touch is unseen but felt
My rose to your lily, dawning buds knelt

Find me in the meadow by the rivers edge
Lets return to the heavens our sacred pledge
If you will believe and you can receive me
We’ll illuminate life’s greatest mystery